Hey Mercedes – The Weekend

Not too terribly long after releasing their first full length, Hey Mercedes are back with a sorta-new CDEP. This has four songs all together. It has “Our Weekend Starts On Wednesday”, from said full length. It also sports three other songs from the same recording session that didn’t end up on the record. All three […]

Gravity Index – Gravity Index (EP)

The Gravity Index originally formed out of the ashes of The Facet and Still Left Standing. Both bands made a name for themselves in and around Denver for years with different takes on melodic punk rock. In a lot of ways, this is sort of what I expected knowing the pasts of the guys involved, […]

Gemini Five – Babylon Rockets

Attention all dirty Hessians, busty blondes pushing 40, avian inspired mullets, and thirsty 1984’ trans-am car stereos, Gemini Five is here with their debut disc of debauchery entitled, Babylon Rockets, or should I say — an invitation to get your ass rocked, Sunset Strip style. Freshen them high tops, wash that jean jacket (after carefully […]

Drag The River – Closed

Although I never met my grandfather, after inheriting a couple of boxes full of his old LPs it’s clear that a steady diet of Chet Atkins, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Merle Haggard, and the like kept that hard drinking, hand-rolled cigarette smoking, coalmine working-man alive. While all you assholes in Nashville who gave birth […]

D.O.R.K. – Off By One

After hearing track 1, “This Time,” I can imagine a big Ramones poster on the walls of DORK’s band practice garage, but whatever they take from the masters they compliment with their own fresh and fun punk pop appeal. Song themes are not necessarily original, the old boy digs girl/girl ignores boy, “Jokes on Me,” […]

Dollhouse – The Rock and Soul Circus

Who was it that said rock ‘n roll is dead? Well find me a voodoo doctor, ‘cause Dollhouse gone and done revived some “high energy rock ‘n soul” on their debut full-length album, The Rock and Soul Circus. And what a circus it is, with high-flying guitar solos, contorting vocals and a balancing pyramid of […]

DJ Irene – Phonosynthesis

As a 15-year veteran of the LA club scene, this turntable diva has gotten to witness and experience a lot of DJ music history and trends. As a result, she takes you on a journey through the many styles and moods that exist in the electronic culture. I’ve always strived to find DJs with that […]

Discount – Singles #1

Discount were never the type of band that came through town every three months, or were on the cover of tons of magazines. Hell, they never even had a large, stable record label behind them. But regardless they built up a large following in their time as a band, and still have an impact years […]

Dag Nasty – Minority of One

After years apart, with members concentrating on other bands (Bad Religion, Down By Law, All), Dag Nasty announced their reformation last year. Rather than just reuniting to do a tour with half the original members, like so many other older punk bands, Dag Nasty did it right. This is the full lineup from their seminal […]