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Discount – Singles #1

Discount were never the type of band that came through town every three months, or were on the cover of tons of magazines. Hell, they never even had a large, stable record label behind them. But regardless they built up a large following in their time as a band, and still have an impact years after they broke up. The reason is that they wrote catchy and well-crafted songs that also had substance and impact.

The sixteen songs here were all the songs not released on one of their proper full lengths during the first half of their existence. There is already a second volume planned, which will be out in the fall. The big highlights here are the tracks from the “Rooftop Empathy” 7″. It was actually Discount’s first proper release, though it had some of their best songs on it, especially “Uptown Subway”. All sixteen tracks here are well worthwhile.

The recordings aren’t great from beginning to end, though for Discount it never really mattered. Either way, the versions here sound way better than my battered 7″ copies ever did. If you were a fan of Discount, this is a must-have, as I’m sure volume 2 will be.

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