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D.O.R.K. – Off By One

After hearing track 1, “This Time,” I can imagine a big Ramones poster on the walls of DORK’s band practice garage, but whatever they take from the masters they compliment with their own fresh and fun punk pop appeal. Song themes are not necessarily original, the old boy digs girl/girl ignores boy, “Jokes on Me,” let’s party hardy, “Friday Night,” and if it weren’t for “Bad Luck,” they’ll be none at all, but DORK throws a whole new twist on old clichés with their blend of sunshine harmonic styles, youthful energy, and infectious, toe tapping punk rock rhythms that can break through a cloud in any dreary day.

 The lyrics are as enjoyable as the tight guitar progressions and candy cane vocals bellowing with defiant attitude on “Rock out with your cock out; even if you’re a girl,” on “Rock Out,” and on “Happy Song,” “You were a pain in the ass; What was I to do; Bitch and moan all night long; You complain about my tiny dong.” DORK proves that life is too short to take yourself seriously, and that music is a true escape for all of us to get through life’s trials, tribulations, and triumphs, whether you’re a fan or musician, young or old. Band bio and CD info is on


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