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Gemini Five – Babylon Rockets

Attention all dirty Hessians, busty blondes pushing 40, avian inspired mullets, and thirsty 1984’ trans-am car stereos, Gemini Five is here with their debut disc of debauchery entitled, Babylon Rockets, or should I say — an invitation to get your ass rocked, Sunset Strip style. Freshen them high tops, wash that jean jacket (after carefully removing those buttons of course), grab your comb and apply sufficient layers of Aquanet to that meticulously feathered mane, its time to party!

Gemini Five groomed their intense live show for years, conquering the likes of Italy and Germany before the Swedish quartet decided to bludgeon us with their time-warp tantalizations. Now in Hollywood, the band is poised to take over the town, albeit twenty years too late, but ready to rock nevertheless. The record opens up like a studded belt to the face, then, like putting on a fish-net glove they lure you back in with a glamorous cover of “You spin me round ( like a record )” by the famed 80’s outfit, Dead or Alive.

The U.S. release also features two bonus music videos, formatted for Mac or PC, that anyone from the class of 85’ will devour. Rock on!!!

Pat Clarkson (formerly Michael Davis) – Pat or Michael is like an old well of unwanted and mutated DNA strands. Degenerative disc disease, glaucoma, diabetes, heart disease, gout, and shingles are commonplace and run rampant while reproducing. With this pesky hereditary monkey on his back it makes mundane things like jumping off stage, full contact Pilates, and cross country knife fighting a bit more of a challenge!


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