Discount – Singles #1

Discount were never the type of band that came through town every three months, or were on the cover of tons of magazines. Hell, they never even had a large, stable record label behind them. But regardless they built up a large following in their time as a band, and still have an impact years […]

Ghost Buffalo – Ghost Buffalo

In my humble opinion, alt-country is becoming more popular, and deservedly so. Growing up in the South, yet not a redneck, I have a special and personal hatred of country music. When it’s not whiny and trite, it’s over the top patriotic; and sometimes it’s all of the above. In an attempt to be more […]

Suburban Home Gets Ready to Turn 10

Suburban Home

Suburban Home Gets Ready To Turn 10 “We recently read an article about the current value of music in today’s culture,” states Virgil Dickerson, founder and owner of local label and distributor, Suburban Home Records. It is his job to stay on top of not only the music business but how music meets technology. “You […]

The Gamits – Antidote

Back when The Gamits first burst their cherry 10 years ago, they were belting out the sweet punk licks that many pop bands portray today on the screens of MTV. In fact, lead singer Chris Fogal was often taken for the nasally traits of Green Day’s Mr. Billy. Those days are gone.

Words of Thanks from Suburban Home Records


Words of thanks from Suburban home records From Virgil Dickerson: Running an independent label is more difficult now than ever before. Although we got through this difficult situation, we still need the support from independent music fans to keep releasing new music. If you are curious about any of our releases on Suburban Home or […]

Laymen Terms – 3 Weeks In

Laymen Terms - 3 Weeks In

It’s been over a year and a half since I first interviewed the rock band from Colorado Springs, Laymen Terms. I was impressed then, and I’m even more so now that I’m hearing the single, “3 Weeks In” off their upcoming Suburban Home Records debut scheduled to be released in the Spring. Right off the […]