Gravity Index – Gravity Index (EP)

The Gravity Index originally formed out of the ashes of The Facet and Still Left Standing. Both bands made a name for themselves in and around Denver for years with different takes on melodic punk rock. In a lot of ways, this is sort of what I expected knowing the pasts of the guys involved, […]

The Cool Kids – The Bake Sale EP

Guess it’s no surprise that rappers have an oral fixation, but… Simple but innovative, Chicago’s The Cool Kids live up to their name with The Bake Sale—an ‘EP’ with ten tracks—keeping it cool with repetitive references to ice cream (and other food items) on opening track “What Up Man,” and track two—aptly entitled “One Two.” […]

His Mischief – Summer’s Eve EP

His Mischief is a 3-man band hailing from St. Paul, Minnesota. Summer’s Eve, the group’s first release, is a six song mélange of garage rock, ’60s rock fuzz, and a dash of Clash-like punk. The tracks have a very distinctly retro sound; lead singer Sheridan Fox has an uncanny knack for sounding like Britt Daniel […]

Gliss – Kick in Your Heart EP

The members of Gliss have the musical ability that allows them to trade off instruments between songs. I’m not sure what purpose it serves, asides from being impressive as hell. The current lineup of three came together in 2004. Gliss’ Kick in Your Heart is their first release as a band.

Fivespeed – Bella EP

The smoldering desert metropolis of Phoenix, Arizona is not usually lauded as a prominent musical oasis, but with the recent major label success of bands like Jimmy Eat World and Authority Zero people are starting to take notice. After releasing an EP and full-length on Phoenix based Sunset Alliance, Fivespeed signed to Equal Vision Records, […]

Colder Than Fargo – Blue E.P.

I saw this saying on a bumper sticker in the parking lot of the procrastinator’s anonymous meeting that I thought was pretty appropriate, “Better late than never.” The Blue E.P. release from Denver’s Colder Than Fargo has been out for a bit-o-time, and if you’ve already picked it up, good for you. If not, well, […]