Good Riddance – My Republic

Good Riddance‘s newest album cover features George Washington leading a charge, printed over the top of the Declaration of Independence (which, has anyone else noticed, was declared against King George?). The title, My Republic, is scrawled in an antique hand in what appears to be blood in the corner.

NOFX – Never Trust a Hippy

Well, after tons of singles, EP’s, comp tracks, splits, 10 full length records, and 15 world tours NOFX is still playing their brand of punk rock by their own rules, and still kicking some decent ass with it, pushing 40 no less. Even though they are a little more vocal about their political stance in […]

The Loved Ones – Keep Your Heart

After years as a roadie, then stage manager for the likes of Kid Dynamite, Sick of it All, The Explosion, and Bouncing Souls, Dave Hause finally took the advice of his peers and followed his own dream of fronting a band. After recruiting fellow Philadelphians, and longtime friends Michael “Spider” Cotterman (bass), and Mike Sneeringer […]

Randy – Randy The Band

The Swedish veteran punk quartet known simply as Randy, return with their sixth record, Randy the Band. Supposedly one of Fat Mike’s favorite bands, they are one of several acts to succeed stateside in the past ten years via the Swedish punk rock pipeline, Burning Heart Records, following bands like Refused and Millencolin.

Lagwagon – Resolve

“It’s new, it’s improved, it’s old-fashioned…” Yes, I did just quote Tom Waits in the context of a Lagwagon review. Why? Well, Lagwagon is the original Fat Wreck Chords band, the one you can blame for thousands of imitators and possibly even that nasal, high-school smart-ass voice. So even when there’s a new record claiming […]