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Hey Mercedes – The Weekend

Not too terribly long after releasing their first full length, Hey Mercedes are back with a sorta-new CDEP. This has four songs all together. It has “Our Weekend Starts On Wednesday”, from said full length. It also sports three other songs from the same recording session that didn’t end up on the record. All three are well worth having, which makes this worth having if you’re a Hey Mercedes fan.

“Save A Life” is perhaps the biggest highlight here, and would have been one of the bigger highlights on the record had it made it. Three new songs isn’t so bad for a CDEP. Buy “Everynight Fire Works” first. If you have already checked that off your list, look for this EP. Hopefully there will be some new material on the way from Hey Mercedes soon. And hopefully these original horn-rim rockers can use Vagrant to show the whole new crop of kids how it should be done.

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