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DJ Irene – Phonosynthesis

As a 15-year veteran of the LA club scene, this turntable diva has gotten to witness and experience a lot of DJ music history and trends. As a result, she takes you on a journey through the many styles and moods that exist in the electronic culture. I’ve always strived to find DJs with that creative edge, who aren’t afraid to get outside of their genre box and venture into other worlds and rhythms, and most importantly, mix them with the finesse that she does. There’s nothing more boring than predictability, which has been rampant in the dance scene and with a number of DJ compilations released over the past few years.

Phonosynthesis is anything but boring. You can tell she wants your undivided attention from the get go through the “You Wanna Suck Intro,” which jumps right into a heavy gabber techno beat (but not so damn fast that you get a heart attack).

Other than the “Freight Train” track, which got a bit annoying, Phonsynthesis lives up to it’s name with a cross pollination of styles, jumping from tinkling keyboards, complimented with a dub undertone on “What Time Is It,” then a dive into the drum n’ bass dungeon with Aphrodite’s “Blue Mystique,” throwing on the 70’s wig on “Shake It Up,” and “Disco Shit,” then getting you to release all your inhibitions on “I Believe.”

DJ Irene adds a smile to your face with comedic outtakes of what seems to be a COPs episode, and a club guy’s explanation of what it means to be a self-centered disco bunny. She really packs up 29 tracks of powerful, intoxicating punch. When she hits Club Pure tonight, I imagine the walls will never be the same.


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