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Gravity Index – Gravity Index (EP)

The Gravity Index originally formed out of the ashes of The Facet and Still Left Standing. Both bands made a name for themselves in and around Denver for years with different takes on melodic punk rock. In a lot of ways, this is sort of what I expected knowing the pasts of the guys involved, but there are a few curve balls thrown. The rhythm on every song is a bit choppy, and really driving which gives the whole thing a really urgent feeling.

On top of that, Nick’s vocals are well sung, though they also have a distinct, desperate feeling to them. There’s always a lot going on between the guitars, and bass, with the three always trading the melody back and forth. My only complaint is that sometimes the guitars are a little too far back in the mix, almost behind the drums in a few spots. But either way, the different things going on all at once starts to sink in after a few listens. Despite the technically dense stuff going on, the six songs here still have their share of melody. The best example is probably on “Nervous Empty Screen”, which is actually uncharacteristically bouncy. All in all this shows a lot of promise on only six songs, though it does cover almost twenty minutes. It’s hard to drop this right into any sub genre, which is generally a good thing. Despite being eclectic, this is still focused, and never seems indecisive, or confused which is sort of rare. I can’t come up with any sort of really apt ______ meets ______ comparison so I won’t bother. Punk rock for grown ups.

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