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AFI (Beloved) Movie of the Day: When Harry Met Sally…

I can’t say how many times I’ve watched my favorite movie, “When Harry Met Sally…,” but it never gets old.

Insight, Out – Life Inside Colorado State Penitentiary During COVID-19

The state of Colorado and the Colorado Department of Corrections (DoC), with a population of 32,000 within its jails, prisons

Insight, Out – Caught with a Cell Phone, Transferred and Starting Over

Photo by Eduardo Sánchez on Unsplash There has been a lapse in posts from Insight, Out due to Dante’s transfer

The Past, Present and “Fantastic Future” of Mental Health at SXSW 2020

The world is finally realizing that the focus on mental health needs to be prioritized in a much greater way

British Music Embassy: A New Decade, A New Venue – SXSW 2020

This week saw the first hints of what’s to come from the annual British Music Embassy showcase at SXSW, now

SXSW Music Feature – The Murder Capital

It was August in Scotland and my music-geek-buddy-in-crime, Shell Zenner (BBC Introducing Wales, BBC Introducing Manchester, Amazing Radio, XSManchester…woman KNOWS


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