D.O.R.K. – Off By One

After hearing track 1, “This Time,” I can imagine a big Ramones poster on the walls of DORK’s band practice garage, but whatever they take from the masters they compliment with their own fresh and fun punk pop appeal. Song themes are not necessarily original, the old boy digs girl/girl ignores boy, “Jokes on Me,” […]

Local Bands Play Musical Chairs

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LOCAL MUSIC BUZZ BITES Local Bands Play Musical Chairs This week local bands announced new members that joined their groups in addition to musician searches. After several auditions, Kronow was pleased to find Nate Salas, their new guitarist that has been active in Denver’s metal scene for years and was previously with Regional Conflict…D.O.R.K. are […]

Local Music Buzz Bites

Music News

LOCAL MUSIC BUZZ BITES Local entrepreneur and DJ Yossi Goodman of You Know Me opened one of the few DJ academies to exist in North America. Students learn not only the skills involved in beat matching, working the crowd, and designing the right set for the environment and vibe, but also the critical aspects of […]