Before Today – A Celebration of an Ending

A Celebration of an Ending couldn’t be a more fitting title for San Diego quartet Before Tomorrow’s Victory Records debut. Riding on the ragged coat-tails of the post-hardcore movement, the band’s penchant for inappropriately drawn-out guitar clutter and the singeing vocals of Victor Fuentes burn any chance of success. Fuentes’ voice is smeared over the […]

Blood Brothers – Crimes

Since the introduction of the CD I’ve had a tendency to refer to songs by their track, “I love number 3 but man, number 8 kicks ass!” I don’t know if I paid more attention when music was on vinyl or if it was the 45 that spotlighted a given song, but it’s still a […]

Bright Channel – Bright Channel

Being proud of your peers/friends in the scene and showing your support for what they’re doing is extremely important in building a community. It shows strength and really brings a level of excitement to everything going around what those artists are bringing to the table. Sometimes however, you find out that those artists/friends of yours […]

Catch Twenty Two – Dinosaur Sounds

Catch Twenty Two is far from standing out among the crowd of other ska acts in. Where they excel is having all the qualities that makes for a catchy band, one that gets you thumping you toes and shaking your head subconsciously. The cliché and disgruntled relationship lyrical formula kicks off the Dinosaur Sounds, and […]

Caustic Soul – An Absence of Warmth

As a general rule, concept albums don’t work. Longtime heavy metal hellions W.A.S.P. have done more in the last decade to prove this, thanks to not one, but several concept albums. They aren’t alone either. The musical landscape over the last 30-plus years is dotted with disasters so staggering that it’s a wonder anyone goes […]

DJ Miss Anne – Mixtress

Without reading this DJ diva’s bio one could easily pick out the funky influence of her dance buddy DJ Icey, along with other breakbeat masters in her lair of deep bass desire. Fit with a corset tight set of productions skills, both the hard house boys and break dancing gals will have a field day […]

Jimmy Eat World – Futures

Evolution is a critical aspect of living in any realm. Music fans are often times alienated by the changes in a band’s style from one CD to another, some of which is due more to the lack of openness by the listener than the actual quality of the given release. There are examples such as […]