Bear Vs. Shark – Terrorhawk

Bear Vs. Shark is unique, experimental, emotional and honest. They strive to be set apart from corporate-driven, financial ideals and to be heard without discrimination through unfiltered ears. Their newest album, Terrorhawk, encompasses every intention to be set apart from the social norm, and to be as diverse as humanly possible.

Circa Survive – Juturna

The most liberating thing in the world to me is when a song reaches a climax that deserves a few words sung into an invisible mic. It is that moment of lost control, which provides a welcomed freedom. Emo usually features that loss of control in small bursts that reflect the genre’s definition. With Circa […]

Converge – Forever Comes Crashing

I think that someone out there should develop software so you can remove the vocals on a CD. Maybe something like that already exists, but my version of the software would have genre specific buttons in my neat computer window. My buttons, creatively designed, would be labeled: “eliminate whinny suburbanite punky voice, click here” and […]

Bars – Introducing…

This is a first release. Not the worst, mind you. This is hardcore. Not the best, mind you, but not bad. The musical structure is impressive. The guitar licks—believe it or not—could have been Murder City Devils songs. In other words, this is NOT your grandpa’s idea of hardcore. It’s got a sense of southern-rock […]

Before Today – A Celebration of an Ending

A Celebration of an Ending couldn’t be a more fitting title for San Diego quartet Before Tomorrow’s Victory Records debut. Riding on the ragged coat-tails of the post-hardcore movement, the band’s penchant for inappropriately drawn-out guitar clutter and the singeing vocals of Victor Fuentes burn any chance of success. Fuentes’ voice is smeared over the […]