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Catch Twenty Two – Dinosaur Sounds

Catch Twenty Two is far from standing out among the crowd of other ska acts in. Where they excel is having all the qualities that makes for a catchy band, one that gets you thumping you toes and shaking your head subconsciously. The cliché and disgruntled relationship lyrical formula kicks off the Dinosaur Sounds, and is thankfully balanced by the analytical view of merchandised America in “Dreams of Venus.” The vocal harmonies are sweet as honey, the bouncing ska guitars run hand in hand down the street with the horn section, and the world feels sunny and bright as one track goes into another.

This could be yet another generic punk band, which are so prevalent on MTV and the radio airwaves, were it not for the saving graces of the sax of Ryan Eldred, trumpet from Kevin Gunther, and the trombone of Ian McKenzie. You can hear for yourself when Catch comes through Colorado on the Ska is Dead tour at the BlueBird Tuesday, October 26, at the Aggie Theater Wednesday, October 27, and Thursday, October 28 at Navajo Hogan in Colorado Springs. Mustard Plug and Suburban Legends are also part of the tour, with the exception of the Aggie gig, along with Bid D And The Kids Table.


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