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The Good Life – Album of the Year

Love can be messy, including bouts of nausea and trips to the john. Living off of your desires while you eat Top Ramen three times a day from your Council Bluffs flat. It’s the dreams indie films are made of, especially the scene where the couple parts with bitter words about who owns what from the record collection.


With carnival sweet tunes and sing-a-long tales, The Good Life is all about this wild and wacky world, the ups, the downs, the kisses and tending bar romances. With the spunk of They Might Be Giants, their tender charms are spiked with spontaneous, cerebral plays on words and references to Dante.

The short film series continues, scenery changes that switch from Carousel rides and cotton candy, take-me-now escapades, smoky bar counseling sessions, and a boisterous array of soundtrack tidbits. Songwriter and singer Tim Kasher knows the craft of captivating story lines, flecking the good, bad, and the ugly reflections of humankind against the wall for all to see, singing sweetly as he caresses his beloved or slowly rips apart his target, or even himself.


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