Bright Channel – Self-Propelled

With peripheral visions of Ian McCulloch’s vocals and Swervedriver’s guitar lines in the sand, Self-Propelled is Bright Channel’s proclamation of evolution, both in music and in their own band’s progression. It’s the hallucinogenic trip without the legalities and side affects, the hot sex without the need for cuddling or call the next day, it’s everything […]

Various Artists – PS2 – Public Service Records


This is the second volume of Denver music that proves once and for all that this town is overflowing with talent in all shapes and sizes. You’ve got the smart, wave punk from The Swayback, sexy vinyl skirt teasing from The Symptoms, a taste of German love for trees from The Czars, the euphoric and […]

Bright Channel – Bright Channel

Being proud of your peers/friends in the scene and showing your support for what they’re doing is extremely important in building a community. It shows strength and really brings a level of excitement to everything going around what those artists are bringing to the table. Sometimes however, you find out that those artists/friends of yours […]

Various Artists – Radio 1190 Local Shakedown Vol. II – Smooch Records

Radio 1190

When I’m working late nights, can’t hear a thing from gig hopping from the night, and have crossed eyes from sending the 100th email that day, Radio 1190 has reminded me why I started Kaffeine Buzz over two years ago and have kept it running every since. When I first moved here, I saw quite […]