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DJ Miss Anne – Mixtress

Without reading this DJ diva’s bio one could easily pick out the funky influence of her dance buddy DJ Icey, along with other breakbeat masters in her lair of deep bass desire. Fit with a corset tight set of productions skills, both the hard house boys and break dancing gals will have a field day with her sweaty set of plump tracks.


Being as though I’m on the girls side, I tend to lean more against the funkier walls of the dungeon, including the fit for Charlie’s Angels groove of “Creepshow” and some of the latter tracks versus the laser beam antics from the boys side of the auditorium and Malicious Mike’s “Here We Go.”

Whether you’re working on a crossword puzzle at home or out and about pulling your best fly girl moves, you won’t be able to sit still. Again, there were times when the repetition exceeded the drug test limit and the remote saved me from screaming, but overall Anne’s got it going on.


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