We Are Your Friends Review

Zak Efron stars in his latest film, “We Are Your Friends,” playing Cole Carter, a 23-year old DJ and aspiring producer, directed by a Max Joseph (Catfish: The TV Show). Considering how EDM has skyrocketed in popularity worldwide in the last ten years, financially and culturally, it’s surprising there aren’t more films with plots focused […]

Feist – The Reminder

According to iTunes, Feist’s new album, The Reminder falls under the genre of Electronica/Dance. I can safely say, however, that it is definitely not either of those things. I would also like to meet the person that earns an annual iTunes salary by applying genres to new albums, because I think they need a refresher […]

Jimmy Eat World – Futures

Evolution is a critical aspect of living in any realm. Music fans are often times alienated by the changes in a band’s style from one CD to another, some of which is due more to the lack of openness by the listener than the actual quality of the given release. There are examples such as […]