Brendan Benson – The Alternative To Love

“What can you show me that I haven’t already seen before…What can you say now that I haven’t heard a million times before? / What can you play now that’ll have me in tears and screaming for more?” Whenever I listen to new music these questions always go through my brain, either consciously or subconsciously. […]

The Adored – The Adored (EP)

Welcome to the party! The Lipgloss and Popscene king-sters The Adored are in the building. Loosen your black ties and jump on the dance platform ‘cause it’s time to swing that skinny ass of yours. Heck, there’s no need for white lines in the bathroom to keep you going, I like totally swear.

Blood Brothers – Crimes

Since the introduction of the CD I’ve had a tendency to refer to songs by their track, “I love number 3 but man, number 8 kicks ass!” I don’t know if I paid more attention when music was on vinyl or if it was the 45 that spotlighted a given song, but it’s still a […]

Fashion Weak, Fashion Bleak: Parth Three, Milan Edition


Fashion Weak, Fashion Bleak: Part three, Milan Edition–Steven Salazar, Designer, Confident Clothing The itch to repeat history is quite contagious as it finds its way across the Atlantic! If you have been keeping up you realized my reluctant reprieve of New York’s shows which seemed to be slathered with the reincarnation of silhouettes past. Shirley […]