Aesop Rock

photo: Chrissy Piper For nearly a decade Aesop Rock repped New York while being an integral artist on the indie-rap powerhouse Definitive Jux. Still recording under the Def Jux imprint, he now resides in San Francisco with his wife of three years. As he and his fans acclimate to his San Francisco home-base, the artist […]

Mr. Lif – Mo’ Mega

So what do you get when you match one of the industry’s dopest, most respected indie rappers with one of the industry’s unsung production talents? That would be the latest offering from Def Jux and Mr. Lif himself, Mo’ Mega. Produced almost entirely by Def’s head honcho, El-P, the album sports an industrial griminess that […]

RJD2 – Since Last We Spoke


Every day, I’m amazed by the phenomenon of hip-hop, the way the sportsmanship of the scene demands a higher and higher quality of players each passing year, and the way that the true fanatics are willing to not only acknowledge the roots that they have in all different kinds of music, but are also incorporating […]

Various Artists – Definitive Jux Presents: III

Definitive Jux 3

Def Jux nails it down again with the comprehensive new compilation, Definitive Jux Presents: III. Hearing comps like these is awesome because they really give you a taste of the talent within the label. This album in particular contains tracks not found on any of their artist’s albums, with the exception of two — an […]

Aesop Rock – Bazooka Tooth

For anyone who would always wanted to go to New York but couldn’t get the time off or the money together, relax. Aesop Rock is bringing the Big Apple right over to your house, complete with subways, nightclubs, graffiti, street kids with boom boxes and the occasional electric ninja.