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SXSW Tales From the Road, by Donovan Welsh, Bassist and Singer for D.O.R.K.

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SXSW Tales From The Road, by Donovan Welsh, bassist and singer for D.O.R.K.

We are driving back from SXSW headed toward Los Angeles only a short 22-hour drive. This last week was filled with music, parties, booze, and more booze. Recalling the week is difficult because of the lack of sleep and the nightlife is rugged.

D.O.R.K. had three showcases throughout the week that were kick ass. But, more importantly the opportunity to meet and learn from industry people was invaluable, fellow bands included. This festival showcases some of the best talent in the entire world. It gives you a gauge of where your band stands and what you should be doing.

We spent the entire week going to panels during the day and watching band after band at night. The panels range from major label A&R, making sure you’re not getting ripped off, and even health insurance for artists. Of course the parties aren’t too shabby. I was fortunate enough to meet and discuss industry info with several label reps and industry veterans, such as Everclear’s Art Alexakis, who was more than informative. I was also able to sit down and speak with Kevin Lymon, who runs the Van’s Warped Tour. We’d been on the road for three weeks and that five minutes alone was worth the entire trip.

Bottom line, SXSW is the place to be if you want to know where your band stands or where you should be by next year. Denver, our hometown, is full of great talent some of which was represented at SXSW, but we would have liked to have seen more. Hope to see ya next year.

(D.O.R.K. returns to Denver to play with Lucky Boys Confusion and Love.45, Tuesday, March 30 at the Gothic)

In other news

Drop The Fear has posted their latest track, “murnau”, which will be featured on their upcoming release and is available for a listen at and play this Friday at Hi-Dive. . . Porcelain has released their three-song demo this week, which is available for FREE at Albums on the Hill in Boulder, and at Wax Trax II on 13th Street in Denver, or Independent Records on Colfax in Denver. They’re also playing this Saturday, March 27 at The Fox. Check out Weekly Picks for more info on both shows. . . The Royal We are hitting the road with their good friends The Symptoms, from April 23rd to April 30th, taking their band vans through Phoenix and then up through California. They’re looking for help with any booking contacts out that way, so if you have any info that could help, email them at



Basement Jaxx, The White Stripes, along with Sanctuary Records who lists Ozzy Osborn on their roster and Telstar, the label for Craig David and many others have boycotted MTV in Europe because of what else – money disputes. MTV Networks Europe has reduced the amount the music channel pays for broadcasting videos from the previous agreement of worth £1.9million annually for the labels down to £840,000, which has been negotiated by Video Performance Limited in the past. Not only is MTV calling on labels to bypass VPL, they’ve given them until next Wednesday, March 31, to reach a decision. If the two sides can’t make good and shake on the dotted line, MTV could stand to lose approximately 20% of new video releases. This will be interesting to watch, as independent labels go up again the media conglomerates to stand up for their artists and their own monetary well being.

The legal beat goes on as Guns N’ Roses have now sued Geffen Records for making an unauthorized greatest hit release without the band’s authorization on the songs that will appear on the release, the artwork or how the songs are mastered. Basically, they’re not involved in the process at all. The group feels this would be misleading to their fans and also have negative impact on their impending release, Chinese Democracy. The band has expressed their views on this greatest hits release to their fans, and as a result, fans have sent a slew of emails to Geffen Records’ senior executives letting them know exactly how they feel.


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