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Local Bands On The Run


Curious Yellow headed out on the road this week, heading to The Ranch Bowl Omaha, NE with American Velvet, Monday’s Hero and Dirt Bike Annie, then to The Redbrick Marshalltown in IA with Better in Autumn and The Lifestyle, and over to Urban Wildlife in Minneapolis, MN with Monday Dead & Tucker Get Down. “Though we had originally hoped for longer, broader tour, unfortunately matters beyond our control has turned it more into a quick jaunt. We’re still excited to get out of town and are looking forward to seeing our friends in these towns and make some new ones,” says 1Adam12, lead singer and guitarist for the group.

The Tarmints play in Los Angeles this Thursday at Zen and up to San Francisco’s Thee Parkside and The Lepo Lounge on the weekend.

Laymen Terms played the first night of their two week tour last night at Rock Island with Kite Eating Tree, who are taking them through the Midwest and over to the California coast. The group is putting the finishing touches on their new CD, and according to their drummer Jameson, it goes beyond anything they’ve ever done before and will be an example of how they have all evolved musically over the past few years. Look for that release this summer.

In Other News

Sara T is playing drums for a new band and is searching for, “a def guitarist and/or keyboardisterer. You like dancing? You like the rocka rolla?” If this is your thing or you want to know more, email the group at “We’ve got shows coming up soon, so get your panties/boxers/briefs ready to be ripped off. . .or, unbunched…perhaps?” Okay Sara, what if you go commando? Then what?. . .David Bryant, the guitarist for Aggressive Persuasion, left the band last summer and had been playing with Hemlock for a number of months before he decided to rejoin his old group. This Saturday he’ll be playing his first gig with AP at the Tyfoid Mary CD Release show at the Ogden with Dig Six Down and October Episode, show at the Ogden. For those that are 21 and up, complimentary tickets are available at Independent Records. It is an all ages show, and the door ticket is $6.00.

SXSW Tales From The Road, by Donovan Welsh, bassist and singer for D.O.R.K.

We are driving back from SXSW headed toward Los Angeles only a short 22-hour drive. This last week was filled with music, parties, booze, and more booze. Recalling the week is difficult because of the lack of sleep and the nightlife is rugged.

D.O.R.K. had three showcases throughout the week that were kick ass. But, more importantly the opportunity to meet and learn from industry people was invaluable, fellow bands included. This festival showcases some of the best talent in the entire world. It gives you a gauge of where your band stands and what you should be doing.

We spent the entire week going to panels during the day and watching band after band at night. The panels range from major label A&R, making sure you’re not getting ripped off, and even health insurance for artists. Of course the parties aren’t too shabby. I was fortunate enough to meet and discuss industry info with several label reps and industry veterans, such as Everclear’s Art Alexakis, who was more than informative. I was also able to sit down and speak with Kevin Lymon, who runs the Van’s Warped Tour. We’d been on the road for three weeks and that five minutes alone was worth the entire trip.

Bottom line, SXSW is the place to be if you want to know where your band stands or where you should be by next year. Denver, our hometown, is full of great talent some of which was represented at SXSW, but we would have liked to have seen more. Hope to see ya next year.

(D.O.R.K. returns to Denver to play with Lucky Boys Confusion and Love.45, Tuesday, March 30 at the Gothic)

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