Gripped Let Go Of Their Name

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GRIPPED LET GO OF THEIR NAME If you hear a local metal band around town that sounds exactly like Gripped, it’s because they’re one in the same. They’re now going by the name Erased, and will play their first local show under the new moniker on November 1 at 32 Bleu in Colorado Springs. They’re […]

Local Bands Play Musical Chairs

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LOCAL MUSIC BUZZ BITES Local Bands Play Musical Chairs This week local bands announced new members that joined their groups in addition to musician searches. After several auditions, Kronow was pleased to find Nate Salas, their new guitarist that has been active in Denver’s metal scene for years and was previously with Regional Conflict…D.O.R.K. are […]

Kronow Gets The Lead Out… Tenfold

Ted Beer – guitarsKenny Garza – drumsJames Brennan – vocalsRandy Brodzik – guitarsPhil Martinez – bass Kronow‘s not new to Denver’s metal scene. In fact, they have been around for a few years, playing out and growing a crew of fans. But the fans of the original Kronow sound are in for an awakening of […]