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Two New Denver Music Magazines Hit the Streets

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In April, Ransom Magazine (, a local zine appeared featuring Denver’s Love Me Destroyer on the Cover along with an article by the band’s lead singer, Scooter. Featuring Th’Ink Tank’s William Thidemann and Suburban Home Records’ releases, the focus of the magazine’s founders Jason Randall and Patricia Wilkinson seems to be rock, art, and a dash of politics thrown in for good measure. J.O.E. (Just Over the Edge) came out this month, launched by Colorado Student Project and 428/1 Photography, aimed at the under 21 crowd. In addition to great design and layout, J.O.E. ( serves up some pretty compelling stories, from 10 reasons why gay marriages should be allowed to the growth in hate music that has led to a new generation of Neo-Nazism. They cover local music as well, and chose Denver’s pop punk darlings, D.O.R.K., to grace (and we use that word loosely) the publication’s first issue. We happen to find it in a 21+ over bar, but I’m sure either one of these new local pubs are available at all the typical spots in Denver, so check ’em out.



You can see the four remaining members of D.O.R.K. in all their glory, covering their privates and donning shower caps in the new J.O.E. Magazine, launched this month in conjunction with the band’s new release, Furious George. Playing their CD release party this Friday would have been a bit difficult, had former lead singer Dylan Martinez not committed to support them for a time. The show is also the launch party for the magazine and takes place at Rock Island in Denver. It is of course, all ages, and tickets are $7. The band also announced their slot on the Ernie Ball Stage at this year’s Warped Tour on July 18, and Dylan is expected to be there for that show as well.

Tricklife battles at union station

Tricklife is entering round two of the Union Station Battle of the bands Thursday in Colorado Springs with Stasis, now in its 6th week. “We all know how important the crowd size is in these battle and we’re going against a band that has a huge following,” says one band member. The show was originally 21+ but they’ve lowered it to allow more kids to attend, which are typically the more enthusiastic people in the crowd. Union Station will also be giving away a pair of tickets to the Kid Rock/Puddle of Mudd concert for this weekend, which sounds more like torture than a benefit to their audience, but what the heck. They’ll be selling raffle tickets for $1 to get your chance to be a judge in battle. The show starts at 8:30pm, 18-20 $7, 21+ $2. Union Station is located at 2419 N. Union Blvd, Colorado Springs, 719.227.7168.

In Other News…Aggressive Persuasion will be spending the summer month of July with Grammy Award winning producer Sylvia Massey (Tool, System of a Down, Deftones) to record a 7-song EP, which they expect to release later in July or August…Core of the Earth is releasing their new CD, which they plan to introduce at WITS Coffee on May 29.


Oxygen’s Acclaimed Prank Show Searches for America’s Funniest Females to join the Cast – Denver Casting Call – Tuesday, May 18 at Comedy Works


To kick-off the 4th hilarious season of Oxygen’s “Girls Behaving Badly,” cast members are hitting the road and holding open auditions for women over the age of 18 who believe they have what it takes to make America laugh. Each girl will have 2 minutes to display their comedic skills live to the cast members and executive producers of “Girls Behaving Badly” with anything they consider funny including stand-up, improv, singing, dancing, juggling – you name it! The sole purpose of their performance is to fill the room with laughter.

At the end of the casting call, one woman from Denver will be selected and flown to Los Angeles for a guest spot on Oxygen’s “Girls Behaving Badly.”


Comedy Works
1226 15th Street
Denver, CO 80202

WHEN: Registration: 8am-11am, Auditions: 10am-5pm

VISIT: for more information


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