The Underground Music Showcase Turns 10 – Part 2 – July 24 & 25

Okay, here is Part 2 of my UMS 2010 Picks, giving you a quick guide for Saturday and Sunday’s festivities. Again, most venues live along Broadway. Use the map they give you when you get your badge or wristband. Even in the age of smartphones, printed paper with pretty colors and lines can be a […]

Various Artists – Adventure Records Cuvee 4

Yes, you could spend your free time searching through MySpace profiles for local music (the kind you want to actually listen to). But we’re lazy Americans, so screw that. Labels like Adventure and Public Service do our community a great service by doing all the work for us, leading with their heart and love for […]

A Denver Dream – Locals A Shoreline Dream Plan Their Nationwide Invasion

A Shoreline Dream

To fully appreciate the dynamics that control the ebb and flow of Denver’s music scene is to know the collective breath-holding that local artists, fans and interested business parties have been doing lately. You see, milestones of various size and significance have dotted the last 15 years of Denver’s musical history, with each subsequent mark […]