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A Shoreline Dream – 2006 EP

The ocean is deep and full of mystery, rich with life and layers of blue. It can be calm and memorizing, and then crash, pulling you in as you stand at its door. In this landlocked city, the debut 2006 EP is the closest you’ll get to that experience until you board a plane to the coast.


A Shoreline Dream is where nature laden atmospheres and electronics meet, with languid, hallucinated states of being (“Motherly Advice”) that rise into apocalyptic clashes of layered beauty (“Projections”). Gleaming tides from Ride’s Nowhere echo into mysterious Icelandic lands of Sigur Ros, pulling you to the volume knob so the …Dream can enter every pore.

The is the next musical chapter for Ryan Policky (vocals, guitar, keyboards, production) and Gabriel Ratliff (drums), after Denver’s Drop The Fear dissolved last year. Erik Jeffreis (guitar) and Enoc Torraca (bass) make the set complete. While the band’s name fits their sound like a glove, it’s also not difficult to figure out where the group’s Latenight Weeknight label name emerged, since one would guess that daytime jobs make sleeping a luxury (such is the life of a rockstar, heh?).

This is a fantastic start-out-of-the-gate for A Shoreline Dream, and after the CD release party for 2006 EP this Thursday, May 18 at hi-dive (with Killfix and Robot Ate Me), the next steps will be a late summer release of their full length and then to hopefully hit the road in the fall. Check out the websites to take a listen or pick up the EP at local, independent retailers.


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