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The Underground Music Showcase Turns 10 – Part 2 – July 24 & 25

Okay, here is Part 2 of my UMS 2010 Picks, giving you a quick guide for Saturday and Sunday’s festivities. Again, most venues live along Broadway. Use the map they give you when you get your badge or wristband. Even in the age of smartphones, printed paper with pretty colors and lines can be a lifesaver.


Be at Club 404 at 3pm on Saturday for badass rock from The Whisperlights, and then head to the Goodwill parking lot to see the Lucha Libre. Yeah, real Mexican wrestlers.  

At 5pm hit the WESTAF stage at Illiterate Magazine for The Lumineers, who sound a lot like my new favorites Mumford and Sons.  Stay there for Smile Smile, a male+female-fronted rock outfit sounding fun as hell.  At 7pm roll over to Skylark for One Wolf, an indie band I want to have a whiskey or 7 with.  

Then we eat. Duck into Beatrice and Woodsley for anything on their damn good off-the-beaten-path menu.  

At 9pm I like three bands: 1) male/female/singer songwriter duo from Brooklyn, Kaiser Cartel, is at Skylark; 2) Finn Riggins, some loud indie rock is at Club 404; but I’ll probably hit 3) Air Dubai, who serves up hip-hop harmonizing rock at the Import Warehouse.  At 11pm I’m digging the Thrift Store Cowboys at Skylark, and if you’re still in for it, 11:55pm brings Ukele Loki’s Gadabout Orchestra vaudevillian expo to The Mayan.



Sunday should start with a great brunch somewhere. I’ll probably be at Table 6, who also has local DJs that complement the easy-going vibe of the place and its kitchen. But I can walk to Steuben’s, which is one of 386 reasons I love that place, so who knows.

By 4pm on Sunday I’ll already be in a quandary.  

Joseph Pope III and his alt-country will be hanging out at the Irish Rover. Then there’s the indie pop of The Don’ts & Be Carefuls at Moe’s Original BBQ. Game time decision I think.  If I see JP III, I’ll eat at Sputnik for sure—sweet potato fries and anything else.  If it’s The Don’ts, then I’ll eat at Moe’s, saving room for their banana pudding.  

I might try and hit Hello Kavita at 4:30pm at the Goodwill Parking Lot Stage, but I’ll be back at Moe’s for sure for Kissing Party, which sound like a modern addition to the “Pretty in Pink” soundtrack.  Hoots and Hellmouth and their alt-country badassness follows at the Skylark at 8pm, and that might be it for me, unless I roll to 3 Kings for A Shoreline Dream to finish the weekend.

I know I’ve made a lot of picks that you don’t agree with, and that’s just fine.  If you’re not there then it’ll be easier to get to the bar.


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