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The Underground Music Showcase 2012 – Day 2

Well, we’ve made it past Day 1 of UMS. If you were there, you may know of the packed-ness that was 3 Kings for the Cloud Nothings set.

Kinda funny, as we were all in line cramming to get in, this guy pushes to the front, “I need to get in! I need to get in!” All I could think was as I pushed back, “You and everyone else buddy.” Did I recognize that he in fact did need to get in ’cause he was “in the fucking band,” since all I saw was the back of some guy’s head? That would be a no. Making that proclamation from the get-go would have made his entry process much easier. Just sayin’.

So tonight, Day 2. Lots more in store. If you haven’t made it over to the Compound, which is hosting many of this year’s dance acts and DJs (along with Delite), Mr. Peter Black will get the dancefloor steaming more than it already is in the 9ish time frame.  And Imperial Teen are back! I’ve been a fan of their’s for years and am pretty stoked to hear their new stuff. I’m again looking forward to seeing more bands that I have yet to experience live, as I hope you all will be able to do as well. I’ve also included some Quick Picks of sure-things when it comes to musical satisfaction.

See you tonight – and stay hydrated my friends.


9pm – Black Moth Super Rainbow – Main Stage @ Goodwill

On the obscure side with slivers of overdubs on vocals, this Pennsylvania outfit, Black Moth Super Rainbow excels at spotlighting the musical circuitry while keeping this organic and flowing.

Songs tracks from the band’s 2011 release, Extra Flavor (Dandelion Gum-Era Sessions), reads like menu from a Haight Ashbury eatery opened by The Cockettes, including “Lemon Lime Face,” We Are The Pagans,” and “Helium Tea.” And the tunes are just as yummy, creating lucky charm delights in the mind that flow every so sweetly through the ear drums.

9pm – Flashbulb Fires – Skylark Lounge

In this immense summer heat, Flashbulb Fires bring about a refreshing breeze of lilting vocals, shimmering harmonies, and gossamer rhythms.

The band’s second album, Gasconader, was released in May of this year, a follow up to the debut Glory in 2009. It’s evident that Flashbulb Fires has been working not only on their instrumental orchestration, but on the construction and crafting of the melody to lyrical connections. Gasconader’s songs are more layered and are more grandiose in scale, while still keeping the overall vibe light and bright.

10pm – Imperial Teen – 3 Kings Tavern

I love that Imperial Teen are still rockin’ it. The San Francisco band made a big splash in the 90s with their debut Seasick (produced by Steve McDonald of Redd Kross…who is by the way, planning to release a new album and start touring again. Yay!), making it into Spin Magazine’s top 50 albums of all time.

That was then, this is now. And now we’re talking Feel the Sound, which came out on Merge Records this past January. Bouncing and boisterous, heavy on the hooks and push to make those hips swivel and sway, the single “Out From Inside” does just that.

Imperial Teen have definitely retained their knack for bouncy, bubbling tunes (“Runaway”), gliding melodies (“Don’t Know How You Do It”), and songs that lean in the quirky direction (“Last to Know”), which not only keep their existing fans happy but draw in newbies.


Quick Picks:

Mancub at 6pm – Main Stage @ Goodwill

Rowboat at 7pm – Skylark Lounge

Hindershot at 9pm – 3 Kings Tavern

Peter Black at 9pm – Compound Basix

Joshua Novak at 9pm – Moe’s BBQ

The Driftwood Singers at 9pm – Gary Lee’s Motor Pub & Grub

The Photo Atlas at 11pm – Hi-Dive

Hearts in Space at 10pm – Denver Wheel Club 404

DJ D.M.X. from midnight to 2am – Delite

A Shoreline Dream at midnight – Denver Wheel Club 404


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