Calexico – Garden Ruin

The release of their new album Garden Ruin, sees Calexico taking a different tact with their music and simplifying some of their sound. I saw them when they came to town most recently with Iron and Wine and feel that the touring collaboration may have had some influence on this most recent release. The band […]

Hard-Fi – Stars of CCTV

When they say they listen to a bit of everything, Hard-Fi might just be telling the truth. After kicking off the album with the first single, “Cash Machine,” Talking Heads and Happy Mondays come to mind, laced with modern elements as they proclaim that the computer has replaced the guitar as the punk rock instrument. […]

NOFX – Never Trust a Hippy

Well, after tons of singles, EP’s, comp tracks, splits, 10 full length records, and 15 world tours NOFX is still playing their brand of punk rock by their own rules, and still kicking some decent ass with it, pushing 40 no less. Even though they are a little more vocal about their political stance in […]

People Under The Stairs – Stepfather

People Under The Stairs has long been considered one of the underground’s best groups. Members Double K and Thes One, honed their talents on “the fringe of L.A.’s late-90’s hip-hop underground.” Devoting themselves to jazzy samples, hype beats, and humorously intricate rhymes, the duo would release their debut album, The Next Step, in 1998. They […]

Scissorfight – Jaggernaut

Scissorfight is one of those bands that can be absolutely loved or vehemently hated. They should be admired for their simplicity and their ability to deliver quality rock songs with great consistency. But their lack of variation and originality can be as annoying. Either way, the four piece from the backwoods of New Hampshire is […]