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NOFX – Never Trust a Hippy

Well, after tons of singles, EP’s, comp tracks, splits, 10 full length records, and 15 world tours NOFX is still playing their brand of punk rock by their own rules, and still kicking some decent ass with it, pushing 40 no less. Even though they are a little more vocal about their political stance in these here later years they still behave like 19 year old punks, still get wasted at shows, and still run around acting like assholes.


Never Trust a Hippy is a precursor to the full length Wolves in Wolves Clothing due out this month, and has everything you want a NOFX EP to have: punk rock songs, funny songs, and slower, more serious songs with a political tinge, but still kind of funny, but not that funny when you read the lyrics, but you let them slide cuz they’re NOFX.

If you don’t know what NOFX sounds like, or haven’t at least heard of them, you’re an idiot or a very young toddler, or a teenage amateur rodeo hopeful, or perhaps an African elephant anti-poacher vigilante hunter guy. In any and all cases you probably have no comprehension of literacy and wouldn’t know how to read anyhow, and therefore wouldn’t be navigating this site. Thank You.

Recently, after a small skirmish at squaw hill, on the farthest edge of the Black Forest, me and this wolf I found, found out how good a slice of warm, gangrenous flesh tasted when ripped from the bones of a fatally wounded young soldier boy. I believe he had a small drum in his clutches.


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