Frank Turner – England Keep My Bones Tour

For years now, Frank Turner has garnered a bevy of beloved fans like a Pied Piper, rousing people to follow him from boisterous song to sing-along anthems that herald all the imperfections of the human condition, including his own, embracing instead of deflecting what makes us all annoying, inspiring, frustrating and beloved. Turner started his […]

SXSW Music Festival Day Two – March 13, 2008 – Austin, TX – Jef Hoskins (photos: Jef Hoskins)


Today is starting off slow and low in the SXSW Day Stage at Austin Convention Center. Thanks to Center-wide free Wi-Fi and a constant flow of live music, this is the perfect place to re-cap the 17 bands I saw yesterday, sort through photos, and still not feel like I’m missing out on the action. […]

HorrorPops – Beating People to the Punch


When thinking of a name like HorrorPops one might picture violent tootsie pops bent on world domination. However, totalitarian candy is the last thing on the minds of those who know of the Denmark six piece. The distinct genuine new wave rockabilly has almost a gravitational pull to its unique styling. This rockabilly group has […]