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Sing-Sing – Sing-Sing and I

Ask and you shall receive.

The story of how the second album for this twinkling, moxy made duo Sing-Sing, came to be is often mentioned in the reviews of Sing-Sing and I and in most of their bio stories. But if you haven’t heard about it, its tale is worth telling again, even if you have.

Ingenuity and belief in one’s self, along with a ‘no fear’ approach to asking for help, Emma Anderson and Lisa O’Neill set out with a sort of grassroots fundraiser by releasing the EP Madame, which they promoted to their fan base. Within what is believed to be about a month, it was selling like hot-crossed-buns, and they went from “how are we going to fund our next album?” to “let’s hit the studio!”


There’s something to be said for a dedicated fan base, heh? No gimmicks. No online marketing campaigns. Just good old-fashioned, one-on-one connections to the people for whom they make their music.

Sing-Sing and I has a definite, English breeze flowing throughout, speckled with modern pop sparkles that appear with what seems to be a mix of electronic harpsichord and razor thin samples of Depeche Mode. “The Time Has Come” is a traveling song, but on foot, with a mood of a day parade as it makes its way through the village’s cobblestone trails. The songwriting and guitar strumming strength of Anderson’s Lush past is most apparent in “A Modern Girl,” which is reminiscent of her past band’s song, “Single Girl.”

Anderson and O’Neill definitely have a knack for soundtrack songs that perfectly compliment a 4am dance party with your girlfriends, drinking martinis and smoking cigarettes – or – a night at Lit Lounge or Sputnik where girls and boys intertwine in a mod-glam soiree – or – a rainy day where you take a drive for hours, all by yourself just so you can breath. You take your pick

Thanks to the all the Sing-Sing fans who helped to make this happen. Now do your part and buy it so we can keep the party going.


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