John Doe – Linking the Past Present and Future

I first met John Doe after an X show in Denver, where I discovered that we share a taste for Jameson Irish whiskey as well as coffee (“It’s the blood of the gods,” he says). The co-frontman and bassist from L.A.’s (and possibly America’s) best punk rock band has recently put out a new solo […]

Jason Ringenberg – Empire Builders

Jason Ringenberg

There’s a line in The Thing Called Love (the Peter Bogdanovich film about country musicians) where Dermot Mulroney’s character says that he likes country music because it has no sarcasm. Lately, I can definitely relate to that statement. I can also relate to Jason Ringenberg’s Empire Builders, a record inspired by the “alt-country” singer’s journey […]

The Standard – Wire Post To Wire

The Standard

Where Portland meets London, the foursome has twisted some cranium around to develop, frame for frame, the makings of a Guy Ritchie movie, where Mrs. Ritchie has been replaced by Cate Blanchett as the leading lady. There’s a jerky, fast forward approach to their camera work that contradicts the pace with a constant rhythm, leaving […]