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Hard-Fi – Stars of CCTV

When they say they listen to a bit of everything, Hard-Fi might just be telling the truth. After kicking off the album with the first single, “Cash Machine,” Talking Heads and Happy Mondays come to mind, laced with modern elements as they proclaim that the computer has replaced the guitar as the punk rock instrument. Can you think of a truer statement?


Their music is described in unfamiliar genres – “dub-hop glam” and “diska.” Stars of CCTV is a DIY darling, posed to be “in competition with fuckin’ Eminem” says singer Richard Archer, (who just happens to be from Staines, home of Ali G.).

With the record on repeat, I realize I am reenacting a night out. Never mind that I have found myself dancing around my room more than once. The CD starts out strong and dancey, but by the end, is the sort of music every club/bar employee loves to play to get customers out. Sure, they’re winding down songs, but are every bit as good as the first half of the album. Now I just need to get a Red Bull and Absolute, and I should be good for a few more hours. Oh no, wait, I’m still at my computer.


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