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Ryan’s Hope – Apocalypse in Increments

Recently named to AP’s ‘100 Bands You Need To Know’ in 2006, Ryan’s Hope release their new album Apocalypse in Increments on the fairly new imprint Punk News Records (distributed by Epitaph). The record, produced by Dan Precision (Rise Against, 88 Fingers Louie, Break the Silence) is a slick, yet hard driving punk rock record. The band however describe themselves as punk-metal? You can see metal influences from time to time, but not enough to get them into the half portion of that category. I am, as you all know, the definitive expert, and co-curator for the museum’s sub-genre wasteland library reference archive located in the basement area.


Punk rock is definitely holding its own today amongst Hope’s dolled up peers who play in rival categorical areas of rock and roll. But, it seems like it’s not good enough to just make a great punk rock record in 2006, especially with bands like Wilhelm Scream and No Trigger cornering that already small market. Very un-punk rock of me to say, but thank goodness I’m okay with that.


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