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Scissorfight – Jaggernaut

Scissorfight is one of those bands that can be absolutely loved or vehemently hated. They should be admired for their simplicity and their ability to deliver quality rock songs with great consistency. But their lack of variation and originality can be as annoying. Either way, the four piece from the backwoods of New Hampshire is one of those bands that give us exactly what we expect: a straight up, chugging and slogging slab of beer-slamming stoner rock.


Becoming seasoned with each subsequent release, Scissorfight are primed to participate in what they call “backwoods motherfuckery” on Jaggernaut (translation: an all night party). This full length, their fifth and first since 2001’s Mantrapping for Sport and Profit, is delivered convincingly—and arguably their finest release to date.

Scissorfight looks to have realized their full potential here. The songs ring with the energy of punk rock “Funhouse Skull” and crush with intensity “Dynamite” and are quietly catchy “Victory Over Horseshit.” Throughout, Scissorfight’s songs maintain the groove that foreshadows their menacing and ballsy butt-rock that’s fully geared for the mosh pit.

Other songs entertain too, like the hillbilly drudge of “Appalachian Chain,” and the fun-laden track “86 Sucker.” And for those needing a pure grindcore fix, (much like on ’96s Guaranteed Kill and ’98s Balls Deep), refer to the pit-worthy “Backwoods” and the riff bombs in “Fang.”

The bottom line is: choose to love or hate Scissorfight (which is the case without question), but don’t dismiss their intent to deliver the music “as it is.” While the lack of truly spectacular moments on Jaggernaut is a valid complaint, look past that, because this disc fucking rocks. Especially when cranked at full volume.


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