Millencolin, Boy’s Night Out, Thorn For Every Heart, Roses Are Red – Wednesday, May 25 – Ogden Theater, Denver

Mellincolin Erik

The Ogden Theater is the type of place that feels really empty when it’s empty; and really packed when it’s packed. The transition from being empty for Roses Are Red to being jam-packed for Millencolin was so gradual, that it almost went unnoticed until the roar of the crowd for Millencolin became so deafening that […]

Bane – The Note

Bane has always been a staple in hardcore. They deliver powerful anthems, have a strong work ethic, have established themselves in the underground music scene and are influential to numerous other bands. It comes as no surprise then, that after taking a four-year break, their latest release, The Note, embodies all the aspects that fans […]

Blusom – The Metapolitan

It’s almost scary to think that Blusom may not have happened. Coming together in an experimental fashion in 2001, Mike Behrenhausen, previously from Maraca Five-O, and Jme White from Acrobat Down had been collaborating in the proverbial bedroom project. But they never had any intention of the music leaving the room. After circulating songs around […]

Groupthink – The Variety Pack

Not a lot of variety in this pack. Groupthink is a Rhode Island based duo comprised of MC Shawn Waters and producer Zan. The Variety Pack is a discography in part, as it contains the project’s previous LP, Platinum Fangs, a few tracks from their Pocketbook Fetish release and selections from Waters’ side-project, The Catatonics.

The Higher – The Histrionics

There were a few weeks after high school when all I listened to was really depressing emo. I went out and bought Saves the Day, the Movielife, and a few Jimmy Eat World albums and just played them relentlessly. One that I especially tuned into was Saves the Day and it dominated my playlists; it […]