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Groupthink – The Variety Pack

Not a lot of variety in this pack.

Groupthink is a Rhode Island based duo comprised of MC Shawn Waters and producer Zan. The Variety Pack is a discography in part, as it contains the project’s previous LP, Platinum Fangs, a few tracks from their Pocketbook Fetish release and selections from Waters’ side-project, The Catatonics.


The few moments of sensibility on this disc are hosed down by sex-obsessed raunch-rap that goes out of its way to emasculate itself and debase the world around it. The saddest fact is that the music is decent, even breathtaking at times, but it’s wasted on a mulch of shite lyrical incontinence.

Why the album has a pack of condoms on its cover art is also a mystery to me, as I cannot imagine Waters has ever been considerate enough to use one. Honestly, he should; The Variety Pack need not be reproduced.


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