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The High Speed Scene – The High Speed Scene

“Fuck the biz/ It’s for the kids,” is the chorus of the first track on The High Speed Scene’s self-titled debut; so, of course we’re immediately we’re on board – and grateful that they pointed that out, since their first album was released through a collaboration between Interscope Records and the Neptunes’ Star Trak imprint, which seems pretty biz…

Our first thought was Weezer, circa Green Album. This reference grows more perfect as the record wears on. The simple pop anthems about day-to-day headie shit and silly social situations are the most refreshing pop breath we have taken in a long, long time.

Venturing away from the Weezer-iness, from time to time HSS ring artsy like Lifter Puller or Enon, and has trysts with heaviness, showing serious teeth with punching guitars and stabbing drums.

Sometimes simplicity really gets the point across, and this is disc simply awesome. (Did you see the cover art? We wanted to own it for the packaging alone!)

P.S. HSS is probably five times better live than this flawless recording. Go see them.


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