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The Epoxies – Stop the Future

If you didn’t hear The Epoxies’ self-titled debut, you presumably live in a different dimension. But it’s not too late to immerse yourself in all things Epoxie, as they’re back in full sci-fi force with their sophomore LP, Stop The Future.


The message and style remain solid—as they should—with testimonies of techno-paranoia on “Radiation,” (this, from a band that look like they came from a future supernova) gritty ballads and post-love rants (“This Day”), and commentary on the homogenous state of human society (“Synthesized”). And that’s the first three tracks…

The structure is remarkably similar to the first LP, with the most accessible track in the pole position and running a solid race from there with a few particular stand-outs, like “Wind Me Up,” “No Interest” and “At The Seams.”

Every listen to an Epoxies studio recording is a precursor to their live performance: Clad in black-and-white stripes with a single color splash, patched together in duct tape and playing guitars that spit lasers at the audience through a dense fog while Roxie Epoxie writhes robotically, stares through her captive fans, and sings in a twisted manner of melodic and ferocious. Hearing them is awesome; seeing them is like vacationing in a time-warp.

Kaffeine Buzz says: Buy this album and study; your visit from the Epoxies is imminent.


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