Sam Joole – Biography

So what’s the deal with all the CD’s from Australian bands hitting my desk lately? Are they trying to stage another British invasion from another hemisphere? If so, these guys are going to have to put up the surfboards and Foster’s and try just a little harder. With the exception of The Sleepy Jackson, I […]

Marathon – Marathon

The debut self-titled album by New York’s Marathon is a shredding example of a band angry and focused with the ability to still have a good time. With the political mindedness of Rise Against and Strike Anywhere and the playful enthusiasm of Bigwig, Marathon displays the kind of veteran skills not seen in many debuts. […]

No Address – Time Doesn’t Notice

It appears that America has acquired its own version of the poppy Australian band Jet with No Address’ release of Time Doesn’t Notice, on upscale Atlantic Records. The record is a 12-track album heavily influenced by southern riffs along with current formulaic alternative that left me unimpressed, perhaps even neutral. In fact, according to the […]