Millencolin, Boy’s Night Out, Thorn For Every Heart, Roses Are Red – Wednesday, May 25 – Ogden Theater, Denver

Mellincolin Erik

The Ogden Theater is the type of place that feels really empty when it’s empty; and really packed when it’s packed. The transition from being empty for Roses Are Red to being jam-packed for Millencolin was so gradual, that it almost went unnoticed until the roar of the crowd for Millencolin became so deafening that […]

Boys Night Out – Make Yourself Sick

When I hear the term “boy’s night out” I think of those Coors Light commercials where the guys head out for the night, their brains tucked safely in the crotch of their pants, with the world and all the babes at their feet, the two left ones of which are attempting to impress the ladies […]