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The Higher – The Histrionics

There were a few weeks after high school when all I listened to was really depressing emo. I went out and bought Saves the Day, the Movielife, and a few Jimmy Eat World albums and just played them relentlessly. One that I especially tuned into was Saves the Day and it dominated my playlists; it just seemed to match my turbulent emotional state. After a few months I grew out of it, but after listening to The Higher I wish I had their newest record, The Histrionics, back then to replace Saves the Day.


The Higher quite simply is a much better version of Saves the Day, both lyrically and musically. It’s like the tracks are actually infused with poetic talent equally matched with a strong musical ensemble, but with the usual emo whinny formulation.

Featuring great emo lyrics that harmonize with the music, “Diaries” set an honest tone for the rest of the record. The musical backing on this track is impressive, with well orchestrated guitar riffs, bass and percussion, and the remaining tracks follow its lead, creating a solid listening experience.

If you’re a big fan of the emo scene but perhaps are a bit bored but it all, pick up the Higher’s newest the Histrionics. I will certainly be listening to this one even when I’m not just depressed; it’s just a really good emo record. Let it serve as your replacement for Saves the Day.


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