Off By One – Self-Titled

Thank God for NOFX – the punk-pop complement to the all-knowing Supreme Being himself/herself/itself. The comical, curled-lip quartet is solely responsible for giving life to its only begotten son, Blink 182, who in turned spawned a legion of disciples and followers who have worked diligently to flood the world with that new “sound that’s going […]

Oslo – Self-Titled

I Google everything. I even Googled myself once, and was ashamed to admit it until I found out the vast majority of my own friends had done the same thing. When I sat down to do a piece on the L.A.- based band, Oslo, I had no idea what I was in for. I like […]

One Million Tiny Tiny Jesuses – Self Titled

All samples – all samples! The drums sound so realistic on some of this stuff, it’s awesome. This is electronica spanning generations of influence, starting with Flash Gordon, shaking hands with the Postal Service, and ending several light years into the future of our children’s children. One of my favorite tracks sounds like Jungle Brothers […]

The F-Ups – Self-Titled

It’s easy to walk away from something that is, on the surface, just another rehash of everything that people hate about the pop punk genre. It’s even easier to crap all over it when it’s backed by Capitol Records. But a brief conversation with these 18-year-olds from Rochester, Minnesota, changes everything. Soon, it becomes apparent […]

Pity Sing – Self Titled EP

When we got this CD in I have to admit, I laughed. I couldn’t help but think of Looney Tunes’ Sylvester and Tweety, and the cartoon where Tweety catches the cat hanging there trying to get to his cage, pulling off each little “pitty” who went to market, until he, “Ran out of pittys!” What […]

Tintin – Self Titled


There is nothing like the feeling you get as you unwrap a CD, slide it into the player, and this huge wave of music pours out of the speakers, drenching your vehicle and your ears with unexpected delight. After hearing a few MP3 tracks from the Tintin web site, I knew these guys had what […]

The Go – Self-Titled

It’s ironic that I have That 70’s Show playing and on mute and I take in the tunes of The Go, because it takes me back to the early days of my youth when my passion for music was well on its way to becoming an obsession…when guitars were sexy and the lead singers even […]

Maxeen – Self Titled

Scoops here to rap at ya ‘bout the hot new beats on the music scene. Life’s been tough since I lost my job selling Sno-cones at the Special Olympics. As a matter of fact, Scoops has been banned at all future Special Olympics functions. This is unjust, because if you loose a foot race to […]