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One Million Tiny Tiny Jesuses – Self Titled

All samples – all samples! The drums sound so realistic on some of this stuff, it’s awesome. This is electronica spanning generations of influence, starting with Flash Gordon, shaking hands with the Postal Service, and ending several light years into the future of our children’s children. One of my favorite tracks sounds like Jungle Brothers and Ministry got into a gnarly fight behind the club, and (of course Ministry won…) I can’t, however, tell you which track it is, because there are no track listings on the album. See, that’s how things are in the future. We’ll just say ‘number six’.


Reeling in proggy synth, moshing in Voivod-on-speed jams, and reveling in bass tones and crispness that rarely make it onto a self-titled, burned CD without track titles or a recording label, this is quite possibly the coolest CD I have reviewed in 2004. (Word to the wise – you’ve got three days to top One Million Tiny Tiny Jesuses.)

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