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Off By One – Self-Titled

Thank God for NOFX – the punk-pop complement to the all-knowing Supreme Being himself/herself/itself. The comical, curled-lip quartet is solely responsible for giving life to its only begotten son, Blink 182, who in turned spawned a legion of disciples and followers who have worked diligently to flood the world with that new “sound that’s going ’round.”

Biblical analogies aside, San Diego’s Off By One doesn’t disappoint those with a tendency toward the happier, high-school-hall punk rock we’ve all treated as a guilty pleasure at one time or another. And as guilty pleasures go, Off By One’s self-titled debut ranks high.


Put simply, the disc’s production values are on point, the harmonies and melodies hook you without warning, and the appeal in today’s market is most definitely high. And although it’s a stretch to buy the group’s claims that it is more than your average “American Pie” soundtrack slave, Off By One’s familiar vibe does offer a subtle departure from most carbon-copy acts. Is it enough of a departure to elevate the band above the clamor for teen spirit? Tracks like “Been Alone” might march the band one step forward, but the rock-rap regurgitation of “Deja Vu” sends the group two giant steps back.


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