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The F-Ups – Self-Titled

It’s easy to walk away from something that is, on the surface, just another rehash of everything that people hate about the pop punk genre. It’s even easier to crap all over it when it’s backed by Capitol Records. But a brief conversation with these 18-year-olds from Rochester, Minnesota, changes everything. Soon, it becomes apparent that success is not a spot on the TRL rotation or a hosting gig for MTV’s new mall rock show. For The F-Ups, the ultimate goal has always been to put out a record and join its idols on the road for the Warped Tour. Funny how dreams come true.


Yes it’s a sappy sentiment and it doesn’t detract from the fact that much of The F-Ups’ self-titled debut is old hat and not quite ready for primetime. However, real intentions and a grounded perspective count for a lot, and it’s clear these northern punks have a more honest agenda than one might think.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, they could give a shit about punk politics. They’re just happy to be out of the house, on the road and playing music. Most importantly, they have plenty of time to determine their long-term direction, and the collective attitude of the band seems to suggest that its next effort won’t be so complacent.

For now, we’re left to reflect on the highlights of its current release. For starters, The F-Ups’ first LP thankfully strays from the staid boy-girl formula and opts for a lyrical approach that, although still sophomoric, is more in line with traditional punk sentiment. What’s more, the band is musically on the same page with its teen audience, thus yielding a sound that will clearly resonate with an important segment of the record-buying public.

Perhaps most impressive is the cover of David Bowie’s “All The Young Dudes.” It’s the last track one would expect to hear from such a young group, but the band pulls it off without batting an eye. Certainly, it serves as one more hint that The F-Ups might find its voice in the near future. And a summer-long tour with punk veterans can’t help but give the boys a fresh perspective.


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