Voices Underwater – Self Titled

Voices Underwater

There’s nothing more inspiring than discovering the music gems of our home state. A band that strays away from cliché styles, using their instruments and creativity to take us somewhere we’ve never been, who could easily share the stage with any of the indie rockers known by the media and music fans across the country. […]

Echo 3 – Self-Titled

Somewhere between the blurry lines of indie rock, power pop and modern-day punk, you’ll find the Dubuque, Iowa trio Echo 3. Combining the essential mix of raw energy, catchy melodies and radiant harmonies, Echo 3 has produced a sound worthy of attention. So what makes this band any different from others in the genre? While […]

Pushing Red Buttons – Self Titled

The highlights of Pushing Red Buttons’ self-titled sophomore effort begin and end with track 6, “Danny’s Private Life.” Often sounding more like a lounge act than a pop band, PRB falls flat due in no small part to wasted harmonies, repetitive melodies and quirks that don’t work.

The Music – Self Titled

You open the doors to the premier party for the latest Austin Powers movie bringing all the power decades together – the ‘60s up through the millennium – in culmination of rock, art, sex and pop culture, and the stars of the party and centerpiece to the soundtrack is The Music. Never before have I […]

Accumen1 – Self-Titled

Soul, art, education, prolific poetry and deep grooves provide the skeletal structure for Accumen1’s self-titled debut on their Overstand label, created with other hip-hop leaders in Colorado Springs, FOS. They speak of community and having a positive purpose in life, with droppin’ beats that simmer and flow from reggae to hip-hop, R&B and soul. Elements […]

Pupils – Self Titled

Damn. The Pupils are creepy creepy born-in-a-stable-to-backwoods-inbred-parents music. Boy, are they creepy. Reminds me of a more subdued Old Time Relijun mixed with a more minimal and gritty Palace or Bonnie Prince Billie.