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The Fire Theft – Self Titled

The Fire Theft’s new self-titled album may be the band’s first, but it certainly isn’t the first for any of the band members… perhaps you’ve heard of Sunny Day Real Estate, one of the Seattle early-emo favorites during the ‘90s? The Fire Theft is comprised of three of the four founding members of the underground success. Sunny Day Real Estate fell apart in 2002 after a tumultuous run and an incestuous relationship with the Foo Fighters. Meow. Bassist, Nate Mendel, might look familiar to those who love that band fronted by Dave Grohl. However, fans of Sunny Day shouldn’t run out and buy The Fire Theft expecting to hear more of that sweet, sweet, emo that they so dearly love–this is a departure from the band’s previous incarnation.


In fact, this album is far from being forward leaning, evoking thoughts of ‘70s progressive and ‘80s new wave, coated liberally with Jane’s Addiction. (Ah, the seven’70, back when I was running point for the Dr. Scholl’s Odor Patrol. We drove around in a van all summer, solvin’ mysteries. I was the eye candy of the operation back then, Two Scoops was my name, struttin’ was my game. But, that was a different time, a different place, and a different Scoops.)

Their symphonic sounds blended together with rock are vaguely reminiscent of Pink Floyd and Yes. Then another thought springs forth, and that is: front man Jeremy Enigk loves to hit those high notes. And scream/sings a lot like Perry Ferrell. Hey, did you know that you aren’t allowed to hit your kids anymore? The Fire Theft has created something that is new, yet sounds familiar. It’s edgy enough that the emo lovers will be appeased, while bringing new indoctrinates into the fold. I don’t have a rating system for my reviews, but if I did this album would get twelve golden salads.


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